How to Submit Your Manuscript and Associated Files


Please label each file you send like this:


An example is:




Put each part of your text in separate Word docs


1. Your text, end notes, bibliography, figure captions, and acknowledgments should all be in separate docs and labeled as shown above.


2. See the submission checklist for additional docs to include, such as author biography and index words.

Prospective Authors


Analytical Psychology Press welcomes proposals for well-conceived and well-written books reflecting the highest standards of academic and clinical integrity.


We publish books that present original research or clinical formulations, books relating analytical psychology to culture and the arts, books for practicing mental health professionals and students, and edited collections of the work by a single author.


Books can be printed in hard back, paper back, and/or e-book format.


Online publishing will allow us to produce books that include video, as well as interactive components that are ideal for self-study. We will also consider making your book available as an audio book.



Text Formatting Pointers


Text must be in Microsoft Word (preferred) or Apple Pages.


Unless prearranged with your Editor, your manuscript should be in American English.


Set paragraph style to "no style."


Type everything in 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, left justified, only one return at the end of each paragraph.


Use regular for everything unless italics are used for emphasis or a title.


Use one space after a period.


Do not use an automatic hyphenation feature.


Never use the tab or space bar to indent.


Use the Oxford comma:

apples, oranges, and grapes

not: apples, oranges and grapes


To indent a block quote, go to the Menu and choose:

Format: Paragraph: Indent 0.5 in


The Chicago Manual of Style will guide you through every aspect of preparing  your manuscript.


You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here.


Authors must follow the Chicago Manual of Style, except that you will submit your work, including images, in digital format.


If you are not experienced in the preparation of manuscripts or you feel overwhelmed by the amount of detail required, then you will be well-served to hire a professional copy editor. We cannot accept manuscripts that have not been formatted and labeled according to these guidelines.


Likewise, if you are not familiar with Photoshop or another program in which you can save color images in cmyk and Photoshop format, please hire someone to properly format them and to make certain that they are in high enough resolution.





It is the author's responsibility to obtain any necessary permissions for quotations and images. Consult the Chicago Manual of Style Permissions Guidelines.


You can find information about the "fair use" doctrine and copyright law , as well as useful permissions tools, at: Stanford Copyright and Fair Use site, If you need to obtain permissions, you can contact the Managing Editor to request a sample permissions letter for your publication.



We consider only proposals that are not concurrently submitted to other publishers.


Your submission will be promptly acknowledged.


You can expect to hear from us  again within a month, to give you either a decision or an update on the status of your proposal.




Submitting your Proposal


Complete the Book Proposal Form.


Your answers must be concise and need not be in sentence form: for example, you can simply list strengths and shortcomings of comparable books.


Label the file:


Send it, along with a curriculum vitae for each author, to the Managing Editor via email.


Your proposal will be reviewed for completeness, quality, and consistency with the mission of the press.



Artwork & Illustrations


Please refer to the University of Chicago Press Guidelines for Submitting Art.


Be sure to indicate approximately where you would like an illustration to be placed, like this:



Figures, images, and drawings should be submitted as Photoshop tiff or psd files in cmyk.


Label each figure in this way:



An example is: Fig2.nunez.03.27.2018.psd


For each figure, you will need a figure caption and appropriate citation.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

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